With a new trip to the the Glomma river coming up this summer, came the desire to organise my gear. I convinced myself that I absolutely needed a bag for all my fishing gear. A bag that would be ready to go any time I want to go fishing, but also one that would store all my stuff in one place in the house. So I started looking at so called gear bags, that could hold all my reels and miscellaneous small fly fishing items. But then when you have all your reels and small stuff together in a bag, you stil lhave to carry around your rods. So I ended up looking for a Rod & Reel bag. An added advantage of these type of bags is that you can take them on a plane as carry-on luggage.



At first the Hardy Marksman Smugller Hold-all seemed like the perfect Rod & Reel bag. Hardy and with 85 cm dimensions this bag seemed to fit even the largest of my 4-piece rods. Hoewever, to my surprise there wasn’t a decent picture on the entire Internet of this particular bag. You’d figure that at least Hardy would have ojne on their website. Well, they don’t.

Fishpond Dakota Carry On Rod & Reel Case

I love Fishpond. They make rugged fishing gear that works. It seem simple, but obviously it isn’t. So the Fishpond Dakota, to me would always be a serious contender. However, if you live in the Netherlands it takes about 6 weeks (minimum) to receive any Fishpond product that the single Fishpond dealer in our country does not have in stock. and well, he doesn’t have much stock. And when I spend a near fortune on a new piece of fly fishing gear, I do not want to have to wait that long to get my hands on it. That said, the price of the Dakota Rod & Reel Bag is just too much for a piece of gear that you don’t even plan to take onto the river.


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